Moto X3M is an unblocked bike driving game where you try to pass over many obstacles throughout 22 levels with your spectacular bike. The game requires you to react quickly to the challenging loops, turns, crushing walls and circular saws. You have a limited time to pass all these and reach the final destination. Use your time wisely in Moto X3M unblocked! 🏍️

How to Play Moto X3M

You will find yourself on a sandy beach with your bike. When you ride it, the stopwatch at the top of the screen will start to count. You must overcome all the obstacles on the road as soon as possible in order to get 3 stars. To reach the final point quickly, you must perform backward and forward flips while moving. If you crash into anything, you will be sent back to the beginning of the last checkpoint.

22 Unique Levels

There are 22 levels, and each requires you to pass diverse impediments. The first levels may seem easy but don't be fooled by that. The levels will be more challenging. As you level up, you will drive to different places. You will start with riding on a sandy beach at the beginning. The next area is inside a cave full of ups and downs. Enjoy the view while you are riding!

Green Checkpoints

You will see green checkpoints on the platform when you progress far enough. These checkpoints enable you to continue from where the checkpoint is when you fall. The checkpoints make it easier for you to resume your journey.

Fantastic Bikes

Use your earned stars to purchase new vehicles and characters. Click on the bike icon from the main menu. You will see three different bikes and their riders. The vibrant orange bike is your starting vehicle. You may also unlock the red motorcycle with a ninja driver on it with 15 stars. Or, you may choose the gray motorcycle with its flaming driver. You will need to collect 40 stars to unlock it.


  • ⬆️ or W: Accelerate
  • ⬇️ or S: Brake
  • ⬅️ or A: Raise the front wheel
  • ➡️ or D: Raise the back wheel

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Moto X3M Unblocked