Hero Tower is an unblocked action game where your hero's objective is to save the princess of Demacia. Monsters have kidnapped her. And you are responsible for rescuing her. Engage in melee battles with Goblins, Kappas and Wolves. Before an attack, assess the numbers on them. You can only destroy monsters with numbers lower than yours in this stickman game.🏰

How to Play Hero Tower

  • Your main task in this action game is to rescue the princess from the enemies. This way, you will earn coins to build castles.
  • Unlock all the castles on the Earth map by using your coins. You can go to other empires to conquer lands when you finish the Earth map.
  • At level 200, the doors of Egypt will open to you! Defeat monsters, build castles and get new skins for your hero of Demacia.
  • Don't forget to get your rewards from the Quest section as you complete the tasks.

The Towers

You will see two towers when you enter the game. The one on the left side is your tower. And the other belongs to your enemies. You must attack the monsters strategically. Random invasions will not bring you success, as there will be monsters who have more force and power than you. Give priority to monsters whose number is less than yours and thus increase your force power. You will add their numbers to yours when you defeat them.

Knives, Swords and Maces

There are many kinds of knives, swords and maces on the floors of the enemy tower. Acquiring them will also earn you excellent force power. Getting such weapons before attacking one of the outnumbered monsters would be wiser. Increasing your force power gradually with well-thought-out attacks will enable you to save the Luccy Princess!

Lucy the Princess!

You have the chance to change the appearance of the princess of Demacia from the Skin menu. Enter the section and click on the Princess button to view the options. There are many kinds of princesses here. Is the princess you want to save a princess with wings or in a witch costume? Unlock whichever you wish with your earned coins.


  • Left-Click: Attack
  • Touchscreen: for Mobile Devices


Hero Tower was developed by FreezeNova.

What is More?

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Hero Tower Unblocked