Dominate the continental tournaments and get the World Cup! Foot Chinko is an unblocked arcade game where you direct the ball to the opponent's goal through the footballers. There are 9 tournaments and 94 matches in total.

Your main goal is to win the Foot Chinko World Cup by beating every match. Strive to get the cup by strategically guiding the ball on the football pitch in this soccer game!


Desktops and Laptops

  • Mouse Cursor: To aim
  • Left-Click: To shoot the ball

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to aim and shoot the ball.

Basics of Foot Chinko

  • Begin with choosing your team from the "Change Team" section. You can choose Fiji, New Zealand, Tahiti, and Vanuatu in the Oceania Cup Tournament.
  • Then, be ready to engage in the qualification matches. You will engage in group stages when you successfully win the first four matches.
  • After these, semi and final matches come. Your main objective in these matches is to direct the ball on the soccer pitch through the football players and try to score the opponent's goal.
  • At the beginning of each game, you will be asked how many goals you need to score. You win that match in this arcade game when you reach this score.

Navigating Obstacles on the Pitch

  • When you enter the soccer pitch, you will see that there are many obstacles.
  • You must guide your ball in such a way that it passes through all the obstacles.
  • These obstacles can be metals and plates laid on the grass. If the ball gets in contact with these, it will bounce back.
  • Additionally, there will be footballers from other teams on the field in later matches. They can block the ball to prevent you from scoring.
  • You need to move the ball strategically and send it to the opponent's goal by passing all the obstacles and rival footballers in this soccer game.
  • You will earn coins from the matches. Use them in the Shop section to purchase special powers, such as freezing the goalkeeper.

The Continental Tournaments

This arcade game offers continental tournaments divided into 9 categories. We have listed the names of these tournaments below!

  • Oceania Cup
  • Africa Cup
  • Asian Cup
  • Gold Cup
  • America Cup
  • Olympic Games
  • Euro Cup
  • Confederations Cup
  • World Cup


RavalMatic developed this sports game.

What is Next?

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