Crazy Karts is an unblocked multiplayer game where you drive a cute kart and collect colorful boxes. These boxes give you a random weapon to shoot your enemies. Meanwhile, you need to avoid enemy attacks to survive!

Drive your car in diverse arenas carefully and eliminate the enemies you encounter. Play against the bot karts or with online players worldwide in this battle game. This game will remind you of Smash Karts!


Desktops and Laptops

  • WASD or the Arrow Keys: Drive the Kart
  • Spacebar: Fire the Weapon

Mobile Devices

  • Use the virtual buttons on the screen to steer the kart and shoot the enemies.

How to Play Crazy Karts

  • Welcome to the battling arena! Your main objective in this action game is to steer your go-kart in an arena full of other karts.
  • You must eliminate the rival karts one by one to survive. To do that, collect the gift boxes.
  • They will give you a random weapon such as missiles, mines or cannon balls. Direct your kart towards your enemies, aim well and fire the gun by pressing the Spacebar.
  • You can play against the AI ​​in Single Player mode or compete with online players in Multiplayer mode. The choice is yours!
  • Feel free to create your game room by setting the game mode among the three options in Multiplayer: Free For All, Gem Collector and Crown Holder.

Base Camp or Fort Yard?

This action game offers you four unique game maps. Base Camp is a military area with dirt roads. Fort Yard is a territory located around a castle. There is even a bridge here. On the other hand, Cemetery is a place full of coffins. Finally, the fourth map is the Ice Rink, which is on the glaciers. Be careful here; your kart may slip!

Weapons in Crazy Karts

To survive, you must collect the gift boxes in the battling arena, like in the Smash Karts. Otherwise, you will be left unarmed. Not collecting the boxes leaves you vulnerable to enemy attacks.

The boxes will provide you with many kinds of weapons. There are rockets to launch on your enemies, bullets to fire and mines to lay on the roads. You will also get cannonballs to use against the enemies.

Customize Your Kart

Use your coins to customize your kart vehicle. Click on the relevant button on the menu to enter the Customization section. Choose a specific color for your vehicle from five alternatives. Our favorite is blue and white.

Moreover, you can change your driver’s appearance from this section. Here, you can find a soldier, a knight or a rooster driver! Or, you can purchase a funny hat for your character. There is a flamingo and elephant hat, among many other things.


FreezeNova developed Crazy Karts.

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Crazy Karts Unblocked