Car Transform Racing

Think you've got what it takes to be a racing champion? Car Transform Racing is the game for you! With unique cartoon graphics and special powers that let you take out your opponents, this is one racing game that's sure to keep you entertained. So put on your seat belt and get ready for some serious speed!

Highly colored in hues of blue, green, yellow, and pink, Car Transform Racing is a blast for the aesthetics. Characters in this game are well regarded because they care so much for their vehicles. They are dressed up for a race at all times and at all costs. In this exciting game, you receive gifts, rewards, and upgrades. Have a great time playing it for the speed rush, and the cartoonish style of the game display!

Make sure you check all the perks we’ve put at your disposal and don’t forget to press Spacebar to use the abilities gained on the way. Are you ready for a different type of adventure?  

How to play Car Transforming Racing?
Arrow keys or WASD to move left or right
Space to use a picked ability
1, 2, 3 to use power items

Car Transform Racing Unblocked