How does driving a formidable sports car sound in Arizona? Car Stunt King is an unblocked driving game. You will steer your vehicle at high speed on its desert roads. There will be many sky-high ramps full of sand and other obstacles on the road. Overcome them to reach the finish line as fast as possible in the stunt game.

How to Play Car Stunt King

  • Your objective in the stunt game is to move to the finish point. To do that, you must pass over many sandy ramps, rocky roads, and fire rings.
  • Start with the Tutorial Jump level. To pass it, you must collect and complete all coins in 24 seconds. This will earn you three stars.
  • These earned stars will allow you to unlock new terrains. You can drive your car on settings such as the Port and the Golden Gate.
  • Each map has unique landscapes. Let's see how many you can unlock in this car game!

Be the Stunt King

Your only goal in the game is to overcome obstacles and perform perfect stunts. Grip your steering wheel tightly and hit the gas pedal. When you come to a ramp's edge, you will make your way to the stars. This is the exact moment to flip. Give a direction to your sports car, and it will begin to rotate in the given direction. You can perform flipovers, backflips, and frontflips in this way.

Avoid Hitting Rocks

There will be huge rocks on the tracks. And some are very high and wide. You must adjust your speed well and fly magnificently to pass over them. Otherwise, you can crash, and your car will explode. It will cause you to fail that level or send you back to the last checkpoint.

We recommend keeping your eyes wide open to avoid these kinds of crashes. Also, decide well when to slow down and when to speed up. It's important to move fast, but it may not be a good option if your car will explode eventually.

Garage of Car Stunt King

With your in-game currency, you can unlock new potent cars. All eleven cars in the Garage section are old-school vehicles—old but not weak. You'll find a minivan, pickup truck, and motorcycle resembling Harley-Davidsons among them. Collect your money and get the one you favor most! In this section, you can also upgrade your vehicle's engine power and change its tires and paint.


Desktops and Computers

  • WASD or the Arrow Keys: Move
  • Left shift: NOS

Mobile Devices

  • Use touchscreen buttons to steer the car.

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Car Stunt King Unblocked