Archer Hero is a game where archery skills are the most essential feature. You become the hero of the game while you defend your castle from powerful enemies who are trying to invade places. 

There are multiple levels, each with its challenges and obstacles  to overcome. Collect coins and choose the power-ups to help you in your quest. When a level is completed you will get new abilities like: Hp Boost, Death Nova and Diagonal Arrows.

On your way you can meet an angel that delivers blessings. Examples of blessings: City Master (Minor) and Recover.

World Map
Welcome to Archer Hero Chapters. Every chapter has 50 stages, so enjoy the mystery and the wild world. Here are the chapters: Verdant Prairie, Storm Desert, Abandoned dungeon, Crystal Mines, Lost Castle, Barrens of Shadow, Silent Expanse, Frozen Pinnacle, Dungeon of Traps and Cave of Bones. 

In the Shop you can buy 1440 coins with 30 green diamonds, 4320 coins with 80 green diamonds and 12960 coins with 200 green diamonds.

Talents have the power to increase your ability and make you stronger. Unlock 9 talents the coins. Types of talents: 3 basic, 3 blue and 3 purple.

Archer Hero Controls:
• WASD or arrow keys to move
• Space to fire


Archer Hero Unblocked