Hungry customers yell over the phone, "Where's my pizza?" Orders come in one after another, and you are there to help Paolo.

Where's my Pizza? is a fun unblocked game where your aim is to create delicious pizzas and deliver them to customers on your creaky bike and a wobbly trailer. The challenge is arriving at the delivery spots early and getting handsome tips for piping hot pizzas.


  • Ride the bike: LMB / space / up arrow key / right arrow key / W / D
  • Brake: Release the button

How to Play Where's My Pizza?

Here's how to play: Paolo, the pizza chef, needs help delivering the tasty pizzas he made. But he has little to offer. All he has for the delivery guy is a creaky bike with a trailer.

Your task is to grab the pizza boxes and go for a ride to the customer's house on a bumpy road. The challenge is to deliver the pizzas before they get cold (or you get hit by a bus).

It's not an easy job when the roads are full of bumps, traffic lights, and careless drivers. Your main challenge is to keep your bones safe on the road. However, the reward is worth it-you'll get extra tips for delivering hot and delicious pizzas right on time!

Tips and Tricks

Do you want to up your game and sell premium pizzas? Here's how to turn your humble delivery gig into a pizza empire!

Target Richer Customers

In order to sell high-end pizzas, you should make smart investments. Learn how to strategically sell more pizzas and get an incredible amount of tips with each delivery. It's all about the strategy!

Upgrade the Bike

First, you'll need a cover for the trailer to protect your pizzas from falling on the road. Then, you'll upgrade your bike with a more advanced trailer. After that, you'll buy a second trailer to carry more pizzas at once. Keep in mind that each trailer you add will make the trip a bit more challenging.

Invest in Ovens and Ingredients

Paolo's Margherita pizzas are a hit, but why stop there? Buy more ingredients, such as ham, bacon, mushrooms and more. Then, watch Paolo make extravaganza pizzas, and your profits increase.

Another tip for selling more expensive pizzas is buying a new oven. A trusty oven will help Paolo to bake crispy, cheesy pizzas. An oven is a hefty investment and costs a lot of $$, but it's definitely worth it.

Take VIP Orders

Once in every five orders, you'll get VIP orders from generous customers. When Paolo receives such an order, he feels under so much pressure that he gets task paralysis.

Roll up your sleeves; you're in charge of VIP orders. You'll make the dough, add ingredients, and cook the pizzas. Make sure the dough is the perfect size and not overcooked. Pay strict attention to not dropping any of the pizzas on the road in these orders of high-paying customers.


Wix Games developed Where's My Pizza?


  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Mobiles

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