We Become What We Behold

Would you like to sit in the director's chair? We Become What We Behold is an unblocked adventure game where you are in charge of capturing the interaction of Squares and Circles with a camera.

Strive to capture a conflict between a square and a circle. As you publish these photos in the media, witness the escalating tension within this point-and-click game! See what the impact of the media is.


  • Left-Mouse Button: Capture a Moment
  • Drag the mouse to move the frame.

"We become what we behold."

We shape our tools, and then our tools shape us. - Marshall McLuhan


About This Game

  • You will see an arena full of Squares and Circles when you enter this adventure game. And there's a television right in the middle.
  • Your main objective in the game is to observe these quirky creatures moving up and down to capture simple misunderstandings.
  • Drag your mouse to move the camera frame, and when you see a misunderstanding, capture the drama immediately.
  • The photo you capture will be published on the TV until you catch another one!
  • In time, you will realize that all the creatures are seriously affected by the photos you take.
  • Try to see where the issue evolves by escalating the situation. You have the power to influence society with a simple television!

Observe as a Director

Act like Tarantino! You must use your observation skills to catch a misunderstanding between a square and a circle. There are lots of creatures walking in the arena. Some are crazy, some are angry, and some live their love in their own world.

However, this world doesn't like peace. There needs to be chaos. You must catch one mistaking photo after another to infect all creatures with a vicious cycle of rage. Over time, you will see the power of the media!

The Message

The message We Become What We Behold is to reveal the fact that how the masses are affected by the media. It shows how grudges and hatred can spread within society with a falsely advertised photo.

You will see two lovely creatures trying to make peace in the arena when the tension gets bigger. Those are the ones who save this world from all the negative emotions like hatred, rage, and grudges!


Nicky Case developed We Become What We Behold.

What is Next?

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