Card games are a great way to start the party at gatherings and provide friends and family with hours of entertainment. Most individuals have played the classic game Uno at least once in their life. You can join a virtual room to compete against the bots or choose multiplayer mode.
In the multiplayer mode, select how many players you want to connect (2/3/4 players). You will find interesting opponents with different strategies that will make you change your way of playing.
The game is accessible to anybody and you can enjoy Uno Online from home or when you are travelling.

Each player will have 7 random cards. The leftover cards will be arranged with the face down. The person on the left usually goes first, followed by the other players in a clockwise rotation.

Cards are of 4 colors: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. You may also play a wildcard to alter the color in your favor. Special cards include skip cards, Reverse cards, and Draw 2 cards.

In order to win the game and gain points, you need to be the first person to run out of cards. To do so, play cards from your hand that match the number, color, or action of the top card in the discard pile.

UNO Unblocked

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