Tiny Crash Fighters

Tiny Crash Fighters is an unblocked puzzle game where you build your destructive robot to fight with the CPUs or other online players' machines. All you need to do is create your own robot with a drill and other weapons, such as missiles and single blades, which you will unlock in later levels! In the battle, the machines will fight automatically. Just be sure that your robot is endurable to the waves. Ready for the challenge? Play Tiny Crash Fighters now! 🤖

How to Play Tiny Crash Fighters

Create such a war machine that it can endure as many waves as it can. Your first task is building your vehicle. There are 6 vehicles in different shapes. You can choose whichever you want among them. After choosing your vehicle, put the drill to your preferred vehicle strategically. When it moves forward or backward, this drill must be in contact with the enemy's machine.

Attach New Wheels and Weapons

You will earn coins when you get through waves. Use these coins to attach new wheels and weapons to your vehicle. In the further waves, your vehicle will face advanced machines. Increase your vehicle's endurance to be able to fight properly! Make your vehicle's wheels big by unlocking new wheels. Acquiring more powerful weapons will also help you in the battles.

Attack Waves - Quick Fight Go!

When you enter the battling arena with CPUs, your machine automatically starts to move forward and assails. Check the bars at the top of the game screen to monitor the durability of your and your enemy's vehicle. The fights will be in waves here. And every wave will get more challenging.

Versus Go!

As you can fight with CPUs, you may also battle with online players in Tiny Crash Fighters. Click on the Versus Go! button left in the menu to compete with them. You may strengthen your vehicle by taking inspiration from their machines.

A Little Tip for Your Machine

The machines may tower over each other while they are battling. Your vehicle may be unable to target the opponent well because its direction has changed in such cases. You can adjust your vehicle's wheels by considering this.


  • Use your mouse to fight with other machines.
  • The game automatically directs the machines in combat.

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Tiny Crash Fighters Unblocked

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