How many goals can you score in the given time? Tap Tap Goals is an unblocked soccer game where you try to send the ball into the nets by tapping it. The more balls you send to the goal, the more points you get. You must not let the ball go anywhere outside the goal.

How to Play Tap Tap Goals

You must use your mouse to click in order to move the ball. The ball moves higher as you click more. However, the main goal is to get the ball into the net; therefore, changing the height appropriately is the most critical step. If it rises excessively, the ball can leave the goal. Take care not to overlook any shots. How many goals can you score in the allotted time?


You will see the time bar at the top of the game screen. You need to make a successful shot before this bar drops to zero. This bar is renewed when you score a goal. Keep an eye on this place.

Overcoming Scoring Obstacles

When sending the ball to the goal, the area in front of it will not always be empty. You will encounter obstacles. There are bombs and gray blocks positioned on the field. These are the kind that will slow you down. If the ball comes into contact with the bomb, it explodes, and the ball staggers backward.

Tips for Success in Tap Tap Goals

  • Keep in mind metal blocks cannot move forward. If the ball comes into contact with one of them, it will encounter resistance in the opposite direction.
  • Keep moving swiftly as the screen wraps around if you overshoot a goal; you must move quickly to reach the goal in time.
  • Sometimes, when there are too many blocks in front of you, you can detonate the bomb and open the way instead of wasting time passing them one by one.


  • Use your left mouse button to move your ball.

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