Get ready to feel the thrill of driving your car on an unsteady hexagonal race track! Survival Race is an unblocked racing game where you compete with other racers on hexagon tiles.

These tiles will fall down as you move forward on the track with your vehicle. In this survival game, try to be the last racer standing. Send all the other racers into the sea individually to win!

How to Play Survival Race

  • In Survival Race, your main aim is to eliminate all vehicles in the hexagonal-tiled arena by jumping on them.
  • To be the winner, you must send all the racers to the sea without falling from the vanishing hexagons!
  • Your vehicle will automatically start to move forward when you enter the arena.
  • All you need to do is steer your car towards your opponents and make it fly when necessary.
  • Additionally, don’t forget to collect the coins on the track. These coins will allow you to unlock new sports vehicles.
  • You can also unlock new cars by performing specific tasks. We recommend you look at the menu.

Game Modes in Survival Race

This car game has three game modes, each with unique objectives. We will provide brief information on them below!

  • Battle: You will try to survive among other racers by making your car jump and fly on the hexagonal track. Try not to fall into the sea!
  • Parkour: Like in Battle mode, you will try to survive in this mode. But to win, you must collect the most stars.
  • Autoball: Your objective in Autoball is to kick the balls to the net and try to score the most points. Remember that you cannot fall out of hexagons in this mode, either!

Steer on Vanishing Hexagons

All the tracks in each mode are full of vanishing hexagons, which you must steer your vehicle on. You can’t let your car slip through the hexagons; otherwise, you will be eliminated.

If you think you lost your steering control due to a hit from another racer or for other reasons, activate flying by pressing the upper arrow key, W key or spacebar two times. Flying your car will let you move your vehicle through the air for a short time.


Desktops and Laptops

  • A and D/Left and Right Arrows: To Steer
  • Upper Arrow/W/Spacebar: To Jump
  • Double Upper Arrow/W/Spacebar: To fly
  • You can also use the left click to jump and fly.
  • You can play this game with your joystick.

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to steer, jump and fly.


Brain Massage developed Survival Race.

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