Soul Essence Adventure

Soul Essence Adventure Unblocked

If you’re like me and were a big gamer as a kid, Soul Essence Adventure is a big throwback to the 2D classics like Super Mario and Zelda. In the game, your character is stuck in a castle and trying to get out — but you have to collect clues, make it through obstacles, and solve puzzles to do it. 

Soul Essence opens up with treasures and dark stories to tell. The music is gloomy and triumphant when it's supposed to be. The gameplay is indeed the essence of this play.

Caught in a castle, you are supposed to search for clues and show your fighter side in an amalgam of confrontations. And while busy collecting points that will help on the way to unraveling secrets, the inventory will fill with valuable items. It is a dark story to tell, and we don’t want to misguide you in your search for fun. But bear in mind that things get complicated when it comes to this game.

How to play Soul Essence Adventure?
A/D or left/right arrow keys to move
W or up arrow key to jump
S or down arrow key to roll
Spacebar to attack
T to transform if ability is ready
E to interact
Tab or I to open inventory

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