Solitaire Adventure

All you must know is that the Solitaire Adventure game is better than the classic version. With 100 levels and 5 chapters, you will play on accessible mode as a beginner and then become a master of cards. Every level has a different arrangement of cards, so you will wish to complete every challenge and gain the combo bonus. Enter the magic world and use your skills and logic to uncover the hidden cards.

Tips that will help you througout the game: collect cards 1 higher or lower than your hand card. Win coins to collect each card. Also, collect 5 cards in a row to get the first Combo Star. Then collect 5 cards in a row for 2 times to get the Second Combo Star. You can use Undo when you miss a playable card. Wild and Rocket Card can collect any available card! The main mission is to clear the board. Add boosters and complete the levels in a couple of minutes.

You will have the opportunity to add Boosters like Bella's Wish (get at least one random Bella Card in the game), Combo Doubler (combo x2 for every collected card) and Full Flip (flip all cards face up).

Solitaire Adventure Controls:
• Press on Left Mouse to move the cards

Solitaire Adventure Unblocked