Shark IO is an unblocked io game where you, as a scary shark, try to eat little fish and other sea creatures underwater to grow up. You are a predator to some, and some are a predator to you. You must avoid being hunted by larger sharks than you. Don't forget that the bigger ones eat the little fish in this action game!

How to Play Shark IO

You will find yourself near a beach full of holidaymakers. Some of them are sunbathing, and the other ones are at sea. And you are a little shark that is always hungry. To grow, you must eat something. You have many sea creature options underwater. Try to catch them by accelerating your animal. As you consume, you will get bigger. But dodge from the larger ones as you can be a nutritional source to them!

Evolve Your Shark

You will grow as you feed with the smaller fish and other creatures under the sea. Your aquatic animal will get bigger and be more resilient. It will also be able to eat the larger ones. But being bigger also means that your animal's movement will slow down in time. It can prevent you from avoiding the attacks of more giant animals. Be always on alert!

Aquatic Creatures

You will encounter many aquatic animals besides sharks underwater. Little fish, starfish, lobsters, and crabs are at your disposal. Each of them is an option for you to hunt. Don't miss any of them to grow to rule the sea. But in the meantime, remember that big predators think just like you and see you as bait!

Sunbathing Humans

You can also look for humans to hunt down in addition to sea creatures. They will be getting suntan on their inflatable beds. They have no idea what's going on under the sea until they meet you! They might taste like chips to you.


  • Mouse: Determine the direction
  • Left-click (hold): To accelerate


Shark IO was created by neplingamestudio.

What is More?

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Shark IO Unblocked