Welcome to Rome and join the great roman empire army! You have two maps to choose from and different weapons to use in this ancient world simulator. Be the bravest soldier!

How did guys back in ancient Rome win fights? Well, we say it was ambition and being persistent. Being present is also an ingredient, an important one, so you must keep in mind that this particular game takes all of your attention.

Was being a component of the Rome Empire your desire all along? This is your chance. We are offering you the promise to deliver good gameplay and you deliver what you have best. Do we have a deal?

Two maps
Five weapons at your disposal including a shield

WASD: move
mouse 0: atack/ + left shift heavy atack
mouse 1: block
shift: toggle run/ +attack use havy attack
X: cancel trigger & cancel ledge/ drop weapons
C: crouch
Q: jump
space: dive roll
1: sword & shield
2: two handed weapon
3: bow
4: dual weapon
e: use/ take
l: take secondary
g: draw/ sheathe weapon
x: drop unwielded weapons
tab: pause

Rome Simulator Unblocked