Pixel Craft can enhance your imagination. And what can be more delightful than that? Construct or deconstruct to build other edifices. Whether it is a small house or a big imposing building, it doesn’t matter as long as it satisfies your need to create. The game is green and colorful for you to enjoy as much as you can. It has many options for construction and will give you tremendous satisfaction. Be your own world creator of your nest fantasies. Because a good house makes a person good at heart. 

Freedom to create whatever you like
Different kinds of materials to use

WASD or arrow keys to move player
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 for selecting block
Left Mouse Button to hit blocks
Right Mouse Button to build blocks
F to Toggle Flight Mode
Q/E to Fly up/down
C to toggle crouch
Left Shift to run
L to toggle player torch
R to throw a ball
Y for summoning a deer
X to place a brick

Pixel Craft Unblocked