If you want to take part in a virtual logistics business, you are welcome here! Logistics Inc is an unblocked idle game where you will be the CEO of a logistics company.

You will start from scratch, and everything will develop in time. Use your sources well until the profits become significant. In this clicker game, you will learn to manage your staff, vehicles, and different aspects of business life!

How to Play Logistics Inc

  • The management game allows you to run a company from the very basics.
  • Your main aim is to generate business solutions for people with transportation needs.
  • You will help transfer their items from one location to another.
  • In the beginning, you will only have a bicycle and five staff.
  • Get vehicles and assign your employees.
  • When they fulfill tasks, you will get money.
  • Over time, you will expand your business and increase your profits. Additionally, you will hire more people to work for you.

Transportation Vehicles

As your income increases, new transportation vehicles will be on the menu. If you have enough money, you can acquire them. Each new vehicle has more capacity and brings more profit than the previous one.

Therefore, acquiring new transportation is always a wise investment in this virtual business simulation game. You can unlock the following vehicles in the game.

  • Bike
  • Van
  • Truck
  • Plane
  • Ship

Conduct Research and Development

Carrying out research and development studies is one of a company's most brilliant moves. You will see stages chained together when you click the Research & Development button on the game screen.

To move forward, you must proceed cautiously at each stage. To do that, you need to assign staff to the HR, Marketing, Maintenance, Contractors, and Marketing Power departments. They will conduct the relevant studies for your company.

Marketing Strategy

To develop businesses, you need to act with a marketing strategy. Each vehicle will have a specific number of orders. When all the orders are fulfilled, there is no work left. Therefore, orders must be taken continuously. Increase the number of orders according to the transportation from the Marketing Strategy section.

Vehicle Maintenance

You must appoint some of your staff to maintain the vehicles. Malfunctioning vehicles can slow things down, and you shouldn't allow this. Open the relevant panel from the menu and enhance the mechanics of the vehicles. You will see that maintained vehicles operate faster.


Desktops and Computers

  • Left-Click: Operate

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to operate a business.


Kodiqi developed Logistics Inc.

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