Let's Roll is an unblocked arcade game where you navigate a ball through many challenging courses. Each level will test your reflexes with various obstacles in them. Move the ball from left to right, or jump to pass all handicaps!

Avoid getting in contact with any of them; otherwise, you will have to restart the level from the beginning. Strive to get the highest scores and collect the coins on the way to unlock new balls in this crazy game!


  • A/D or Left and Right Arrow Keys: Steer Left and Right
  • W/Upper Arrow/Spacebar Keys: Bounce

How to Play

When you enter the game, the ball will automatically start to roll in a course. Your main objective in this arcade game is to master navigating this ball, as it will encounter many kinds of obstacles on its way.

As long as you don't fall or crash with any of the handicaps, you can take miles! But you have to keep your eyes open and concentrate fully. One slight movement can derail the ball! Also, don't forget to collect coins as you progress.

Obstacles in Let's Roll

  • To progress in this crazy game, you must understand the dynamics of the obstacles well.
  • There are many stages of this game, and each one comes with more challenging handicaps.
  • For example, you will see spikey walls and accelerator ramps. In fact, at more advanced levels, you will encounter arrows pointing up and down.
  • To pass each of them successfully, Our mascot, FreezeNova, recommends you embrace the dynamics!
  • Additionally, while trying not to fall off the platforms, you should not put the ball in any danger.

Choose a Ball in Let's Roll

This arcade game offers you fifteen unique balls to guide you in the courses. The ball that will remind you of aluminum foil is the first ball that is available for use. You can unlock the second one, the Wood when you manage to reach the first checkpoint. Scroll through the rest of the balls to view how to unlock them!


Wix Games developed Let's Roll.

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Let's Roll Unblocked

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