FPS Simulator is an unblocked first-person shooter game where you, as a soldier, engage in intense battles in expansive military arenas. You can fight alongside your team, or every soldier can fight alone in the deathmatch. Game maps are broad, and there are many places to hide and seek.  🛡️

How to Play FPS Simulator

Determining the game details' is your job in this game. Select the game mode and the game map you want to battle in. Then, set the number of maximum players. Clicking on the "Continue" button on the right side of the screen starts the game at once. You can see the players' names and their scores in the table that appears. Tap on the "Join" and enter the battlefield!

Military Arenas

  • Military-1: The Military-1 map is an area surrounded by towering water tanks in it. You can climb up to the water tanks using the ladders. There are many factory buildings with chimneys here.
  • Military-2: The Military-2 map is a complete military area. You can even find a watchtower on this map. There will be many buildings with roofs. 

Team Deathmatch or Deathmatch?

Choose the Team Deathmatch mode if you want to combat as a team, saying unity is strength. Both sides fight in the arena as teams. Or, if you want to challenge yourself and go for the battle all alone, try your best in Deathmatch mode. Try to survive among the furious enemies.

Weapons in FPS Simulator

You can see your weapon options using the number keys between 1 and 9. There is no need to unlock any weapon. They are all at your disposal. Choose whichever you want to battle with.


  • To fire, use the Left Mouse button.
  • To aim, use the Right Mouse button.
  • Use the WASD or the Arrow keys to move.
  • Press the R key to reload.
  • Press the Space key to jump.
  • Use the 1-9 number keys to change weapons.
  • To pause, press the ESC or the Tab key.

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FPS Simulator Unblocked Game