Fancy Pants 2 is an unblocked adventure game where you try to save the ice cream cone that was given to you by the Mayor of Squiggleville. A mysterious rabbit stole it and ran away. You need to get it back!

Jump into the hole and go after the rabbitšŸ°. You will deal with many obstacles and enemies on the road. Run, jump, eliminate the baddies, and safely reach the exit in this stickman game!


  • Left and Right Arrows: Move
  • S Key: Jump
  • Up Arrow: Interact
  • Spacebar: Pause
  • B Key: Toggle Moving Background
  • M Key: Toggle Music

About Fancy Pants 2

  • Start playing Fancy Golfball by swinging your stickman's pencil, which is a long iron!
  • Run after the shell after your stroke and ensure that it enters the hole.
  • If you can successfully kick it into the hole, the Mayor of Squiggleville will give you a prize: an ice cream!
  • However, a rabbit is waiting to steal your cone. The rabbit will steal it and disappear.
  • No matter what, you must get your ice cream cone back in this platform game.
  • Overcome all the obstacles and set off through dense forests and underwater caves to get it back!

Run through the Cave

When you enter The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 2, you will find yourself in a cave full of platforms. You must run and jump through the cave using dirt platforms to reach the exit.

However, you will encounter creatures like spiders on your way. You must avoid getting in contact with them. Otherwise, they can hurt you. Keep in mind that you have only three lives. You can jump on them to eliminate the spiders.

Stomp the Snail

Use the coil springs at every level and try to reach the highest parts of the cave in this skill game. You will see a snail when you get there. Stomp on it and start kicking its shell into the hole!

But first, you must find the hidden hole in the cave. Let's see if you can overcome all the challenges and find the rabbit beside the hole. Get your ice cream back! While trying to do that, you will unlock new Fancy Pants.

Trophies and Colors

Did you know that you can change the color of your stickman's fancy pants? Enter the Trophies and Colors room from the menu. When you hit a colored block, the color of the Fancy Pants will be changed. You can unlock six unique colors as you progress in this adventure game.

Also, just hit the buttons at the top once to view the trophies. Remember that you can reset all data from this section by clicking on the screen's button in the upper right corner.


Brad Borne developed Fancy Pants 2.

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