Electric Man 2 is an unblocked stickman game where you, embodying a magnifying stickman, take place in the Tournament of Voltagen. You must face many ragdolls in a futuristic environment. By performing many kinds of movements, such as punches and kicks, you will eliminate them one by one. Show everyone who the powerful stickman is in this action game!

How to Play Electric Man 2

Begin with creating your ragdoll. Give it a name, choose its color and determine its skill level from easy to pro. After all is set, you are ready for the tutorials. You will learn the basics of the game in the Voltagen training course. After completing it, you will be prepared to face the real stickmans. You will advance in rounds. As you complete each of the game's four episodes, you will move to the next rounds. You can find the names of four episodes in Round 1 below!

  • Replicants
  • The Frozen
  • Cirrian Guard
  • The Toxic10

The Fight Moves

Use the left and right arrows to move your player. Pressing the down arrow key will allow you to dodge the enemies. You can kick, punch and grab the ragdolls from their collars. It will hurt severely to grab a stickman by his collar, throw him into the air, and see him hit the ground. It is one of the moves that will reduce an enemy's health bar the most!

Slow Motion Attacks

You can perform slow-motion attacks while combating the opponents. When you move close to one of them and press the Q, W, and E keys, your character will punch, kick, and grab them in slow-motion mode. It will give you great pleasure when the action takes place gently in one of the most thrilling action games!

Battery Points

When you perform slow-motion action moves, they will consume your battery points severely. You should use these points wisely. When you run out of the battery entirely, recharging it will take some time. Although you can't always perform such moves, they will cause more damage to your enemies when compared to regular attacks.


  • Left-Right Arrows: Run
  • Down Arrow: Dodge
  • A: Punch
  • S: Kick
  • D: Grab
  • Q: Slow Motion Punch
  • E: Slow Motion Grab
  • W: Slow Motion Kick


Electric Man 2 was developed by Damien Clarke.

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Electric Man 2 Unblocked