Edys Car Simulator

Edys Car Simulator is the perfect game for car lovers of all ages! With realistic controls and a variety of cars to choose from, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. So grab the wheel and take off into the virtual world of driving!

WSAD or arrows:    Throttle, brake, steering.
Space:    Handbrake.
Enter:    Reset vehicle (e.g. if it rolls over).
C:    Change camera.
Tab or Page Up / Page Down:    Select vehicle.
E:    Makes the gray stone to “jump”. Useful for load tests.
R:    Repair vehicle damage.
T:    Slow motion time mode on/off.
P:    Pause vehicles. Camera and vehicle selection can be used while paused.
Y:    Show/Hide telemetry.
Shift + Y:    Change Telemetry mode.
Shift + Esc or Shift + R:    Reset scene

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