Drift Hunters Pro

Drift Hunters Pro is a game where you can perform drifts with the most impressive cars on the tracks. Now you can enjoy the next-level graphics, gameplay, 10 upgraded cars and 6 tracks. First, you need to check the garage and make some improvements on the car. Changes can be made in the following sections: tuning, paint, wheels and upgrades. 
After you customize the car, you will be ready to choose to drive as a single-player or join servers in multiplayer mode. Regarding tracks, there are some challenging environments like city streets, mountainous landscapes and racing circuits. Get ready to start a series of drifting events, earning rewards to unlock new cars to try. All cars can be easily controlled, providing a smooth and precise handling experience.You can experience a wide range of drift techniques like power slides and handbrake turns that will boost the high score. 
This game combines drifting with racing, so speed plays a significant role. To have the full experience, you need to find the right moments to speed up the car and to feel entertained while drifting. Become the ultimate drift champion and push the limits on the tracks.


  • WASD or arrow keys to control car
  • Space for handbrake
  • Left shift for nitro
  • C to change camera
  • R to reset car
  • I to start or stop car engine


Drift Hunters Pro Unblocked Game