Dreamlike Room is an unblocked kids game where you design your dream home by placing windows, curtains, and other decorations in the room. You have many options in this interior design game. Paint the walls in your favorite color, and determine whether the floor will be wood or tile. Everything is at your disposal to refresh your space!

How to Play Dreamlike Room

The game allows you to create your fancy living space. There is no other girl game like this. There are many alternatives regarding wall painting and installing windows, toys, and other decorative objects. View your options from the bar at the top of the screen, click on an item and place it wherever you want. You can increase or decrease the size of the items. Create such an interior that everyone entering the room will be speechless!

Very Close to What You Dreamed!

Every kid in the world deserves to have their room to their liking! Start with choosing your favorite items from the sub-menu. Click on one of them, which will automatically occur in the scene. It is very simple! We recommend you begin with the walls and floors. Because these are the most essential areas, everything you choose and place will happen around these two selections.

Establish a Unique Theme

We have mentioned about the walls and the floors and why they are important to start with. The selections you will make in these areas will form a theme. For example, you can create a match with the unicorn objects in bed and wardrobe when you select the unicorn wallpaper. It is just a suggestion. You have the chance to express your own creativity!

Color Matching

While designing your space, matching the colors is an important job. It will be good if the colors are compatible to make it look soothing to the eye. On the other hand, choosing contrasting shades will tire the eyes!


  • Mouse: Pick Items
  • Touchscreen: for Mobile Devices


Dreamlike Room was developed by Codethislab.

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Dreamlike Room Unblocked

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