Have you ever made friends with a dragon? The most extraordinary aspect of Dragon World is the design. You'll travel with a big dragon amongst the colorful herbs and trees that appear in the course of your way. Choose your color skin and be careful with climbing the rocks and getting caught amid the big shrubs. The dragon, which eventually you'll give a name, is fussy about its sensitive wings, making funny noises. The best part is the view, having the option to engage in the same point of view as your friend; thus, you can enjoy a wonderful landscape of small islands. Make sure you are cautious when you go to fight. Have a nice ride! 

• Multiplayer option
• Multiple dragon skins
• Challenging gameplay

• WASD or arrow keys to move the dragon
• Space tab to fly up
• Left shift for sprint
• Q to jump
• C to fly down
• R to dodge
• Shift + left mouse click for breathing fire
• Left mouse click to throw fireballs
• Right mouse click for melee attack
• T to chat
• M to show map
• Esc, tab for pause menu

Dragon World Unblocked