Dragon Simulator Multiplayer

Roam the skies with this dragon slayer. Fly with him on the heights of the buildings designed in a masterful manner. Be prepared to attack with powerful fireballs and spread fire on all your enemies. This game will make your day shine as it encompasses many fantasies in fighting back. The gameplay is surprising as always, we will let you discover it freely. It is worth your time and effort to try and win this well-crafted game. Enjoy your play and let us know what you think about the game. 

WASD or arrow keys: move
Space: fly up
L Shift: sprint
Q: jump
C: down
R: dodge
Shift + Left mouse click: fire breath
Left mouse click: fireball
Right mouse click: melee attack
T: chat
M: map
Esc: pause menu


Dragon Simulator Multiplayer Unblocked