If you believe you can be the first to reach the finish line in a drag race, this is your place! Drag Racing is an unblocked game where you compete with a professional drag racer. You will race on a straight track. It may sound easy, but believe us, it is not! Use your clutch at the right time in the car game to win.🚥

What is Drag Racing?

The drivers take place at the beginning of a straight road to test the vehicle's acceleration. Generally, there are two drivers in the contest. One of them must be the first to cross a set finish line to be the winner. The racer who exits quickly and shifts gears just in time when the countdown ends wins the competition.

The most important thing here is timing. The drivers need to calculate the right moment to switch between gears. Otherwise, the car will slow down. Furthermore, it will have trouble accelerating.


You will find yourself at the beginning of the race track with your car resembling a Ferrari. The track has no turning points. You need to exit as quickly as possible when the traffic lights on the screen show green. A successful exit will allow you to get ahead of your opponent. Your next task is to shift the gears when the car is at a certain speed. Shifting the gear forward too early or too late will slow you down considerably. Finding the optimal moment is the most crucial thing in this racing game. Get ready to shift into higher gear!

Follow the Speedometer

The speedometer will show you your speed and what gear you are in. Following the speedometer lets you gear up when the time is right. If the sign of the speedometer is in the blue or red areas, it is not the perfect moment for changing gears. When the indicator is in the green area, this is the exact time you should change gear. We leave information about what these colored areas mean in the following section.

  • Blue Area: Not Bad!
  • Green Area: Perfect!
  • Red Area: Too Late!


Desktop and Laptop

  • Mouse: To use the pedal and gear lever

Mobile Devices

  • Touchscreen: Tap on the pedal and gear lever


FreezeNova developed Drag Racing.

What is Next?

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Drag Racing Unblocked