Help Diggy to reach the center of the Earth! Diggy is an unblocked arcade game where you make Diggy dig the ground and collect treasures. He has a big dream to come true: traveling to the core of the planet Earth.

However, to do that, he must find the Wandering Truffle. Don’t forget to upgrade his digging machine in this adventure game! Thus, he can reach deeper depths easily without spending a lot of energy.


  • WASD or the Arrow Keys: Move
  • Mouse: Look Around
  • Left Mouse Button: Dig
  • E Key: Activate Radar

Overview of Diggy

Your main objective in this adventure game is to find the Wandering Truffle. It will help the Diggy to reach the core of the Earth. However, he needs to go a long way. Start digging up somewhere and move down by using the machine.

Navigate your character by using the arrow keys. You can also use the WASD keys. Along the way, you must collect valuable treasures. This way, you will have coins to upgrade your machine. May Diggilium bless you on your journey!

Ground Types

This arcade game offers you four types of ground to dig through. There is light brown soil that is easy to dig. The medium type is a bit harder soil than the light brown one. Keep checking the soil color to proceed easily while moving toward the core.

On the other hand, the dark brown soil requires you to use much more energy. And there are rocks to deal with under the ground. They are the hardest ones to break down. They can keep you busy until you clear them away properly.

Activate The Radar

To reach the center of the Earth, you must upgrade your digging machine because it is difficult to move forward with the primary machine you have. The machine has a limited amount of battery life. Each time you use it, it will lose energy quickly.

If the energy bar at the left side of the corner drops to zero, you cannot move any forward. So, activate the radar by pressing the E key and find the valuable items that can earn you coins. Use the coins to upgrade your machine’s battery, driller and radar power.


Vogd and Assaulter developed the Diggy.

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Diggy Unblocked