Diablo is an unblocked action game in which you play as a warrior in a dark world. Your main aim in this RPG game is to eliminate all the evil creatures coming from Hell, which are called Dark Riders.

Use your sword and shield to attack them. To acquire new and powerful weapons or armor, talk to Griswold the Blacksmith. Level up your hero to face the evils with more strength in this fantasy game!

How to Play Diablo

  • The first thing to do in this multiplayer game is decide whether you want to engage in combat with creatures in the Single Player mode or Multi Player mode.
  • After selecting your preferred mode, you will find yourself in a dark and gloomy village—your old place of residence.
  • The town of Tristram has many cottages, a dungeon, and a big cathedral. You can still find your old friends, the villagers, here.
  • Go find Ogden and talk with him about what to do. He has something to tell you about what happened to this village.
  • Remember that as you gain experience points, you can enhance your hero’s strength, magic, dexterity, and vitality in the Char section.

Classes of Heroes

There are three hero classes in the Diablo. The names of the heroes are Warrior, Rogue and Sorcerer. Each has specific abilities. We will give you brief information about them below.

  • Warrior: Strength: 30, Magic: 10, Dexterity: 20, Vitality: 25
  • Rogue: Strength: 20, Magic: 15, Dexterity: 30, Vitality: 20
  • Sorcerer: Strength: 15, Magic: 35, Dexterity: 15, Vitality: 20

Fight with the Dark Riders

The Dark Riders have invaded your beloved village. Many of the villagers have been killed, while other villagers are being used as slaves. Some of your old fellows tried to resist them but couldn’t. They need your assistance.

The only warrior who can stop them is you! Ogden the Tavern Owner will guide you in this dark world. Find and talk with him. Get your weapon and shield from Griswold. Be ready to face the Dark Riders with all your might!

Find the Tristram Cathedral

The Dark Riders desecrated the Tristram Cathedral. They turned it into a shelter for their dark rituals. Remember that they are not human. Furthermore, they pose a serious threat to villagers because they have superpowers.

Find the cathedral and destroy all the demons, skeletons and other evil creatures to save your friends who are still alive. You can even learn casting spells from the spell book to eliminate them!


Desktops and Laptops

  • Left-Click: Move/Attack
  • Right-Click: Use Items
  • 1-8 Number Keys: Use Potions, etc.

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to move, attack and use items.


Blizzard North developed Diablo.

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Diablo Unblocked