Dark Ninja Hanjo is an adventure game that gives you the challenge to explore the destroyed city and face off the enemies that are trying to break you down. It's up to you to search for clues, complete tasks and battle the enemy groups. Recover the ancient Scroll and use it for victory. Customize your character, create the strategy and use the speed and reflexes to defeat the dangerous evil. Read the story details and follow the instructions to progress through each level. 

In Inventory Section you will find the following items to purchase Energy, Ammos, Characters (Heavenly Wolf, Flash Hayate, Demon Tsukuna, Shinobi Ashura), Weapons (Katana, Dualkatanas, Fists, Arrowbow, Spear) and Coins. 

We created 15 levels that take place in dark forests and abandoned temples. Each level has its own set of obstacles, enemies, traps, puzzles, and fierce monsters and warriors. You can use 3 extra-hit power strikes and 3 types of Shurikens Ammos.
There are 3 levels where you battle against a boss, one legendary raid and the final boss where you must defeat Netro Sosuke.

Dark Ninja Hanjo Controls:
• W,S,A,D to move
• Space to jump
• C to Change Camera 
• Right Mouse to Projectile 
• E to change Weapon 
• T to change Power 
• Left Mouse to use Basic Attack 
• X to Special Move 
• R to Change Projectile 
• TAB to Pause Game 

Dark Ninja Hanjo Unblocked Game