Crazy Moto Racing

Crazy Moto Racing is a 3D motorbike racing game where you will compete against fearless riders through challenging tracks. Select the motorcycle that fits your style and start the competition.

How many modes can I play?
We created the race mode. Here, you must unlock 10 tracks. You do that by finishing every race in the first position. You will get 3 stars and a significant amount of money. 
Every race has 2 laps but you will feel unstoppable with the help of fans cheering. Watch out for the tight turns. Increase the speed or use the brake anytime it is needed. 

Time attack mode is where your rider must reach the finish line in the shortest time. Keep the motorcycle on the track so that you will not get penalty time. The penalty will be shown in red warning if you touch other surfaces. Play all 10 levels to receive the medal for finishing the championship.

You need to push the limits and also control the moto if you want to impress the crowd. If you are a moto racing fan, there are a lot of chances to feel the adrenaline while being on the track. Whether you like being competitive or prefer single-player mode, you can perform crazy stunts.

WASD or arrow keys to control motorbike
Space to use handbrake
Left Shift to boost

Crazy Moto Racing Unblocked