Crazy Car Arena

Crazy Car Arena Unblocked

Entertainment galore and action figures as much as a player can benefit from. Speed up like never before to collect coins and take advantage of the ramps dedicated to stunts.

In Crazy Car Arena you get to ride through tunnels and watch the decorative scenery unravel before your eyes. You have an AI running after you and you can challenge it for other schemes and plays. Choose your car and make points to upgrade in this wild crazy race in which you will find your desire to play growing as you slide on the small iced portions of grass. The music is enticing and upbeat accompanying your raising adrenaline and speed desire. And the car’s potential for stunts is gratifying.

Arrow keys to drive
Shift to boost
B to look back
Hold E and use arrows to choose another car
Press R to respawn car
Press T to reset car
Use X to jump when in the stadium

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