Crazy Arena Racing

Welcome to eight challenging levels of racing cars. This game has the power to get you stuck in its gameplay. In a good way of course. Overcoming the limitations imposed by the outside world and satisfying your needs and desires, you will choose to play occasionally so that you can continually feel free. 

How do I win a race?
First, choose a car from the garage that fits your needs. Then, race your rivals in 8 challenging levels with your vehicle. You have 2 laps to complete, so prepare to compete against the opponents for the first position. Engage in speed battles and let the car drift around corners.

You can play single-player or bring a friend to join the gameplay. If it's your first time playing the game, try the freeroam for the training experience. It is necessary to get used to the car and with the obstacles. You have complete freedom to drive on the track.

Buy new vehicles and upgrade them to be faster than the opponents. There are 9 cars, one better than another to help you show your driving skills. Finish first and win enough points to unlock new levels. 
Can you reach the victory? Play to find out how good you are.

WASD or arrow keys to drive

Crazy Arena Racing Unblocked