Colony Simulator is a strategy game that allows you to build and manage a thriving colony. As a leader of the settlement, you make decisions about resource allocation, construction, and expansion to ensure the survival and prosperity of the people. 

You must take care of resources, balancing the needs of your colony with the demands of the environment. It would be best if you also built and maintain structures. 

Colony Simulator Gameplay
Every character has a level for health, happiness and hunger. You need to take care of their level of Happiness and Hunger.
Special skills will help in growing the colony, gain more food and build constructions faster than ever. The skills are: logging, lining, farming, cooking, hunting, fighting.

In Inventory, you will find out if the bag of the character is full or empty, depending he/she is carring to the base. You can point them to work in the wild, build different types of structures and they even fight zombies, skeletons and mummies. 

Traders might visit your colony. Do not trust them and be careful not to make deals with them. If you do, your colony might suffer and you will have to put at risk a lot of resources.

Zones represents a red flag that you can built around the colony.

Base buildings are: HQ, house (can increase the population), tower (shoots the enemies),tech power (unlocks technologies) and the flag (can increase the happiness of the colonists). 

Gather buildings allow you to collect and stock a lot of resources. The Gather Buildings are: storage, animal farm, carrot farm, wheat farm, mine, oil pump and water pump.

Factory buildings are places where the characters can work to produce beer, crafting materials, food and weapons. The factory buildings are: distillery, furnace, kitchen, and tool factory.

In Characters section you are able to see skills of the characters and in the Economy section it will be shared the amount of items collected.

Tech section it's all about technlogy and research that will help the colony to grow in a short period of time. You need to increase the level of the following branches of technology: colony, backpacks, farming, desert irrigation, sharpened axes,engineered crops, automated saw, sand boots, endurance training, resistant cloths and weapon handling.

Colony Simulator Controls:
WASD or arrow keys to move camera, Mouse scrollwheel to zoom in and out, Left mouse click to select, Right mouse click to move or action, Escape to pause.

Colony Simulator Unblocked