There are a lot of cables and devices but not enough sockets, right? We made this boring situation fun. Charge It is an unblocked puzzle game where you arrange the cables and make sure that every telephone has a full battery. Here, you need to use your wit to make sure all your phones are charged. You must plan well.

How to Play Charge It

It may seem very easy at first. You may wonder how difficult it would be to drag the charging cable and drop it onto the socket. But don't decide so early. The following levels will give you a lot of trouble. But if you still trust your strategy skills, you can overcome any obstacle. It's a little challenging, but it's so much fun!


The most crucial part of the game is that the number of sockets is limited. Even if the number of sockets is enough, sometimes the chargers are large and take up almost 2 sockets. You need to place the chargers in the most appropriate way according to the sockets given to you as if you were solving a puzzle. Your main task is to charge all the phones given to you in the game. Therefore, you need to use the sockets in the most appropriate way.

Discover the Hair Dryer Trick

You may ask: What do I do with a hair dryer? On some levels, there are sockets hidden behind napkins. You have to reveal it before you can use it. So plug the hair dryer into the outlet and turn it on, make the napkins blow away and then put the other outlet into use.


  • Control the game by moving your mouse over the charger you want to reposition and pressing and holding the left button. When you hover over a socket, release the left button to plug in the charger.

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Charge It Unblocked