Basketball Stars is an unblocked basketball game where you play matches in the shoes of renowned players such as Lebron James and James Harden. You may make matches solo or with a friend. Or, you may take part in tournaments. The choice is yours. Select your preferred basketball club and start to win famous NBA players in Basketball Stars Unblocked! 🏀

How to Play Basketball Stars

Decide whether you want to play against the computer or with a friend of yours. The main menu will show “1 Player” and “2 Players” options. After your selection, it is time to specify which club you want to play with and which club you will play against. There are many familiar legendary players’ faces here. Make your choices and let yourself take part in the competitive matches!

Tournament or Random Matches

When you decide to play in 1 Player mode, the game allows you to participate in tournaments or random matches. You have the option to set the difficulty level of the tournaments. Play one-to-one or two-to-two as you wish. You may also practice with training mode.

2 Players Matches

In 2-player, you may play against your friend as a strong opponent. Or, you can make two-to-two matches with him/her. This way, you will have more challenging games. The final option is to take your friend with you and play a 2vs2 match against the CPUs.

Basketball Stars

There are many famous basketball stars to play with. The best teams of the NBA League are at your disposal. You can shoot baskets as Lebron James and Michael Jordan. Every attacker and defense player has specific powers, such as Mega Dunk and Fast Break, to use while making hoops. These powers grant you excellent basket scores or chances to save the ball.


1-Player Controls

  • Use the WASD keys to move.
  • Use the B key to make a shot or steal the ball.
  • Use the V key to make supershots.
  • Use the S key to make a pump.
  • Use the D key twice to dash.

2-Player Controls

  • Use the Arrow keys to move.
  • Use the L key to make a shot or steal the ball.
  • Use the K key to make supershots.
  • Use the Down arrow key to make a pump.
  • Use the Left arrow key twice to dash.

What is More?

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Basketball Stars Unblocked