ATV Highway Traffic

Inspired by the Runaway Traffic game, this is a fast-paced game in which attention will play a big role. The game offers 3 play game modes (counter time, endless and fuel-driven reward) and 4 environments (sunny, the mountains, winter, and in the city).

ATV Highway Traffic is a classic 3D driving simulator. All you need to do is avoid bumping into other cars and collect boosters and coins in order to complete the level.

It’s easy to get distracted but we think you can make it to the finish line. Show off what you’ve got for this particular game! Drive safe!

3 ATV models
4 environments
3 game modes: Time, Endless, Fuel

Press A/D or left/right arrow keys to change direction
Press W or up arrow key to activate NOS
Press S or down arrow key for handbrake
Press Tab to toggle pause

ATV Highway Traffic Unblocked