Alien Sky Invasion

Being in space and fighting with aliens is no truffle. Prepare yourself for some noise, accompanied by dark views of the surroundings. Your task is to exterminate the enemies above and beyond your view, meanwhile exploring the Galaxy. Be careful out there and good luck! It’s an apocalyptic atmosphere but attractive, nonetheless. A combination that we have seen before in Stellar Shooters Unblocked. Have you always wanted to pilot a spaceship and get rid of all the enemies that come your way? Sky Invasion Unblocked is here to deliver the excitement and action-packed you've always wanted from such a game.

How to play Alien Sky Invasion Unblocked?

WASD arrows or mouse movement to control ship 
Shift or space to boost speed 
Left click to shoot 
Right click to launch a missile 
Tab to pause

Alien Sky Invasion Unblocked