2 Player Crazy Racer

Join this crazy race in our latest game. 2 Player Crazy Racer is a fun racing game designed for single-player and two-player action. In the garage, you will find a great selection of vintage cars.
Have you ever thought that old cars could reach great speed in racing battles? Now you have the chance to experience driving in the old times.

Finish all 10 levels, reaching the first position before the opponents. Win money to buy new cars. 
Check out the lovely little town we've built for you. Ride along the streets of this floating town and chase your opponents. Follow the road and avoid running into buildings or other cars. 
That might slow the car down and it can distance you from winning. Enjoy the landscapes and music that will make you embrace the old driving style.
You can also try new tricks, jump off the ramps and roll through the loops on your way to the finish line.

How to play 2 Player Crazy Racer?
You can play solo or with a friend on the same keyboard in split-screen mode. Join the competition and find out who is the best driver. 
Win or lose, there is enough time to take revenge on the track. Upgrade your skills and be the best driver of a vintage car.

Single-player mode controls:
WASD or arrow keys to drive
Left shift or space for boost
R to respawn

2 Player mode controls:
Player 1:
WASD for direction and acceleration
Left shift for boost
R to respawn

Player 2:
Arrow keys for direction and acceleration
M for boost
L to respawn

2 Player Crazy Racer Unblocked