Control the ball while it is moving through the tunnel. Collect the crystals, test your skills and agility, and avoid obstacles and holes.

The tunnel constantly shifts and disposes of new colors, so don't get distracted by the little details. 
You will always have the timer ticking on the left of the screen and the last & best score. Try to survive as long as possible and prove you can have the points on the scoreboard. The points are the most important, so use your sharp mind to obtain high scores.

Keep up the coordination because the speed of the ball will guide you into a futuristic and endless tunnel. The controls are simple. Just use the arrow keys or A/D keys to move left or right. React quickly and change the position of the ball anytime it requires. The visuals and colors will make it possible for you to step into the wild ride. 

Tunnel game gives addictive gameplay and it is accessible to players of all ages. When you need a break, it is the best 3D arcade game to play to escape reality for a moment. Let's get into the action and roll the ball into the fantastic adventure.

Tunnel Controls:
• Press AD or left/right arrow to move
• Press ALT to pause
• Right or left mouse click to resume game

Tunnel Unblocked