Roams io is an unblocked io game where you will wander in various biomes embodying an animal. Before entering a biome, you will choose your preferred animal among five options. There will be many foods and other animals when you enter the arena.

You need to stay away from food with red frames as they are poisonous to your animal, but you can collect green ones. Try to survive in nature by adapting to the biome you are in this survival game!


Desktops and Laptops

  • Mouse: Direct the Animal
  • Spacebar or Left-Click: Move Faster
  • W Key: Dive or Fly (Special Abilities)

Mobile Devices

  • Use the virtual buttons on the screen.

About Roams io

  • Roams io is a survival game where you enter a food chain by selecting an animal starting from Tier 1.
  • In the first tier, you will choose an animal among the five options: Mouse, Herring, Chipmunk, Shrow, and Shrimp.
  • After selecting your animal, you will spawn in an arena with various biomes.
  • To get bigger, you must collect the food with green things and avoid red-circled players.
  • As you eat, you will level up and move to the next tier, and you will need to select a new animal.

Animal Tiers in Roams io

There are 17 animal tiers totaling 97 creatures. You will encounter many kinds of animals, ranging from Shrimp to Greenland Sharks. In Tier 17, you will unlock Black Dragon or Overlord Black Dragon.

However, keep in mind that in each tier, you must choose among your options and adapt to the abilities of your chosen animal. For example, you can’t make the Polar Bear stay in the Volcano biome for longer periods.

Land, Ocean, Arctic and Many More

The arena you direct your animal in offers various biomes. Some parts of the map are Land, while the other side is the ocean. There are also Arctic areas and Arctic Oceans. You will also find Volcano and Infernal Volcano territories. And, of course, not without Jungle…

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Roams io Unblocked