Monster Truck Stunts

There is no other better game to practice drifting than Monster Truck Stunts. You will be fascinated by the tracks, obstacles and ramps. It's time you go into the driver's seat and experience the powerful speed of the truck. 

Why choose Monster Trucks?
Monster Trucks are vehicles designed for racing and drifting. With big wheels, it is now more accessible for the truck to gain speed, go across different routes and perform stunts. You have 7 vehicles to choose from: the first is free and the other 6 can be bought. 
You will understand the truck's capabilities when you advance under challenging levels. Monster Trucks became very popular among the fans who like to feel the adrenaline when driving and racing.

How do I gain 3 stars for every level?
To have the maximum stars, you need to control your car in order to do drifts, flips and jumps. Make sure you have enough speed before jumping over the ramps. Gain more score points while collecting the blue coins. You will need at least 1000 points to pass a level. The timer will watch every move, so do your best to finish the races the fastest way you can. You can try the FreeRoam, where you have complete freedom of driving without a timer.

Monster Truck Stunts Controls:
• WASD or Arrow keys to drive and balance
• Left shift for nitro
• Space to make car slide and make the best drifts
• Speed up on ramps to jump and make the coolest flips using Z, X, C keys

Monster Truck Stunts Unblocked