Monster Truck Dirt Rally

Monster Truck Dirt Rally is a demanding game with which you can spend a whole day. 
In the dirt, situations can become promiscuous but no worries, you can reset the scene and drive undisturbed.Take control of powerful trucks and get ready to unleash the beast to conquer the territories. The trucks are created in such a way as to resist every obstacle and bump that can be found on the tracks. 

Check out the three game modes: Career, Challenge, and Offroad.
In the Career mode, you start the race, pass all the checkpoints and finish all 10 levels. 
In the Challenge mode, you will be chased by the police cars. There is a limited level of car strength before you can get busted. Speed up the car, leave the cars on your back and win the challenges.
In the Offroad mode, you have the freedom to drive on the rocky mountain track.
 hey are all sprinkled with tension and all the roads you take must lead to a finish line. Can you break all the levels we have for you?

Racing offroad has always been fun but this time, we have enhanced the game to the point where you get to enjoy rock music as a soundtrack and choose the type of adventure you desire and nonetheless, the type of car out of tens of models.

How to play Monster Truck Dirt Rally?
WASD or arrow keys to drive
C to change camera view
Esc to pause to menu

Monster Truck Dirt Rally Unblocked