Monster Truck Contest

Monster Trucks are prepared to offer you the experience of high-speed racing, incredible stunts and intense competition in arenas. The public is cheering for you, so make a good impression on the track and remain the favorite driver of the session.

Iconic Monster Trucks
Choose from a wide range of monstrous trucks. 6 iconic trucks are ready to perform stunts, backflips and donuts to reach the 1st place in the contest. The vehicles defy the laws of gravity and push the boundaries of automotive engineering. These trucks are designed to conquer muddy swamps with immense power and unmatched capabilities. They have maximum traction and stability, allowing them to crush anything in their path. Monster Trucks are known for brute force that creates an electrifying atmosphere, leaving spectators in awe.

Speed up and win the contest 
If you like speed, now is the best opportunity to take control of the monster truck and finish the race in 1st place. You can show off your driving skills in all 18 levels. Be careful, the other competitors will try some tricks to get faster than you but we are sure you will dominate the competition. Finish every lap and collect the coins to unlock new cars. Jump over the obstacles and roll the monster truck through the air to increase the chances of success in the arena. 

Do you think you are the best driver of the Monster Truck? Prove you can win the heart of the crowd now.


  • WASD or arrow keys to control the truck
  • Left shift for nitro


Monster Truck Contest Unblocked Game