Do you think,  you can navigate a minefield without uncovering the deadly mine?
If yes, we created a game board divided into a grid of squares. Each square can be a safe hidden number or a mine. If a square is safe, it will display several mines in the nearby squares.
This information will help you realize the location of the mine. Identify the relations between the numbers and the potential mine locations. Use every detail to progress in the game. You also need to manage your time efficiently and try to achieve the main goal faster. Be patient and focus on the board. Overcome the obstacles and uncover the safe squares. If you select the square with the mine, the game will be over and youhave to start again.

You need to plan carefully the next reveal of the tile and use logical reasoning to navigate the minefield and uncover the safe tiles. There are 3 difficulty levels; you can begin with easy mode, medium and the last one - hard. In this way, you can increase the challenges without making any mistakes. If you want to start again, press on the smiley face and begin with another strategy for the game. 

Play many times, beat the last record and take risks on the minefield.

How to play Minesweeper?
1. Click to reveal a tile.
2. Revealing a tile with a mine, ends the game.
3. Click and hold to add or remove a flag over a tile.
4. Click on smiley face to reset the game.

Minesweeper Unblocked

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