Welcome, Chef! Are you ready to unlock new cookie and cake recipes? Merge Cakes is an unblocked idle game in which you match two identical cookies to unlock a new recipe.

While striving to unlock new exotic recipes, you will add new spaces to your board. Use them to enhance your tycoon as soon as possible in this idle game. Let's see which recipes you will manage to unlock!


Desktops and Laptops

  • Mouse: To merge sweets

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to merge sweets.

Overview of Merge Cakes

Your main objective in this merge game is to match two same cookies and create new and upgraded sweets. You need to keep matching them until you unlock a new dessert recipe. Keep in mind that each bakery on the board earns you coins.

Additionally, they will keep earning you passive income even if you are offline. You can view how much money you earn in a second from the hourglass icon on the top of the screen. Try to make the most money from this delicious venture in this clicker game!

Get Bakeries from the Shop

The shop section will allow you to purchase bakeries to make your job easier. If you have enough coins, you can get the kinds of sweets you have already unlocked. However, keep in mind that each purchase you make will raise the price of that bakery for the following buying.

The Names of the Bakeries

You can find various types of desserts from different cuisines. For example, you will get the recipe for Mediterranean Sweets as you merge the regular cookies. Likewise, when you combine Mediterranean Sweets, you get Panellet Chocococo, which belongs to Spanish cuisine. We will leave you some of the names of the desserts below!

  • Sweets
  • Mediterranean Sweets
  • Panellet Chocococo
  • Cannolo Semplice
  • Cannolo Ripieno
  • Cannoli Siciliani
  • Doughnut

Unlock Extra Spaces

In the first place, there are six slots on the board. When all the slots have been used up, there will be no room for the next sweets. However, you will unlock extra spaces as you progress and fill the green bar at the top of the screen. They will help you to make progress by giving you room for additional desserts.


RavalMatic developed Merge Cakes.

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