You will be in charge of a hero named Marco, ensuring he can pass the challenges and discover the treasures. Collect coins, defeat enemies and complete all 50 levels. Every level comes up with a different level of difficulty. On your journey, you will see question marks that hide power-ups and extra lives. 

How can I complete a level?
Marco will start the adventure to explore the unknown environments. In his way, there are many obstacles and little enemies like walking mushrooms, snails, ghosts and flying bats. Use the skills and create the best strategy to overcome the dangerous creatures. You will find special boosts that can get rid of unwanted entities just by passing over them. Try to save the 2 lives when you navigate and collect the coins. 
Reach your little home as fast as possible and find the secrets of the mysterious world. 

What can I buy from the Shop Section?
In the Shop Section, you can buy 4 lives that cost 500 coins and 100 seconds that cost 300 coins. The coins can be found on every level in various places during the journey. Collect them and buy the necessary items. 

With amazing graphics and colors, you will have fun jumping into the wild world of Marco.

Marco Controls:
• WAD or arrow keys to move
• Tab, Esc to toggle pause

Marco Unblocked