Happy Crayons is intended for children who want to spend time in a vibrant world of colors. Now you can learn all colors but also we promote creativity. 

There are 3 boards with different objects, food and animals that need to be colored with crayons. Choose each one of them and start painting with the happy crayons. Before you start, a recommendation of how the image should look with colors will appear. You can try to replicate that or you can create your own vision. It is much easier to change the brush size when you have different shapes and areas to paint. If you want to switch colors, you have an eraser that can delete
any needed parts. The happy crayons will always be delighted to make you use your imagination. They won't miss any white spots. Colors create powerful visual effects that will stimulate you to complete the animations. 

Happy Crayons offers a relaxing activity for those passionate about colors. It's time you choose the palette in this addictive game. Easily express yourself and save the final result. Show it to your friends and suggest them to play with colors. Let's gather to create art for endless hours with much joy.

Happy Crayons Unblocked